In-School Matches

We will use this format for Matches 2, 4, and 5 of the 2022-2023 school year.

Timing will be precise, and will be as follows:

  • Individual Section: 3:00–3:30 PM; Answers must be submitted by 3:3X:XX
  • Team Round: 3:40–3:50 PM; Answers must be submitted by 3:5X:XX

In this new format, teams will meet at their own schools. The topics and team-and-round structure will remain the same as they have been at FCML for many years. Students will take paper-and-pencil tests, and no calculators or other technology will be allowed.

In the individual section of the matches, students will take all three of their rounds in a single 30-minute sitting, and every student will receive a packet containing all six rounds.

On conclusion of the individual section, students will submit their answers on Google forms.

The team round will be administered in a similar way.

All answers will be positive integers.

For further information, please follow the links below.

In-School Matches: Information for Coaches

In-School Matches: Student Rules