Connecticut ARML Team

Welcome to the Connecticut ARML Team’s webpage. (CT ARML Team is not part of FCML; we are grateful to FCML for hosting us on its website.)

The 2022 ARML competition will take place on Saturday, June 4th. The most recent information provided by the ARML management said that the contest will be held in person, with provision, also, for teams that choose to meet locally. The Connecticut team will most likely participate locally.

Students who would like to be on the Connecticut team should take the Connecticut ARML Qualification Test. This year’s test will take place on Thursday, March 10th, online, and the expectation is that students will take the test from home. Students should be available from 4:15 PM and can expect to be finished with the entire process by 6:30 PM.

For those who qualify for the team there will be Saturday morning practices and/or team selection tests. Please watch this page for further information as it becomes available.

For past Qualification Tests please see here. This year’s test will consist of 25 questions and will last 1 hour 45 minutes. Students should expect this year’s test to be slightly more challenging than the tests from previous years.

Students will need access to a printer at the location they will take the test. If you do not have a printer at home, please consider getting permission to take the test at school or taking the test at the home of a family friend who has a printer. (However, no two students taking the test should do so in the same room, unless they are proctored by a teacher.)

To register for the test, please complete this registration form. Registration will close at the end of the day on Thursday, March 3rd.

For a description of the traditional ARML competition and the traditional setup of the Connecticut team, please see here.

For information about the Connecticut ARML Team beyond that given on this page and via the links provided, please contact

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