Welcome to Fairfield County Math League!

Currently, league membership consists of 29 public and private high schools in Fairfield County, Connecticut and surrounding areas.

Each year, the league holds six matches. The matches take place after school on the first Wednesday of each month, October through March. For the 2023-2024 year, each school will choose whether to participate in the matches by going to an in-person venue (Wilton High School) or by participating online from one of their own classrooms (known as in-school participation). Please follow the links for guidelines and rules for in-person venue and guidelines and rules for in-school matches.

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Summary of Results for the 2023-2024 Season

For the 2023-2024 school year, teams participated either from their own schools or in-person at Wilton High School.

The winners for the 2023–2024 year were Brunswick School, with New Canaan High School and Greenwich High School taking second and third places.

The FCML individual high scorers for 2023–2024 were:
Seniors: Luke Huang, New Canaan High School
Juniors: Aiden Sharp, Wilton High School
Sophomores: Vikram Sarkar, Brunswick School
Freshmen: Ayush Rudra, Staples High School

At the Connecticut State Association of Math Leagues annual match on April 4, 2024, Darien High School and Greenwich High School tied for second place in the Large Schools division, Wilton High School placed first and New Canaan High School placed third in the Medium Schools division, and Brunswick School took first place in the Small Schools division.

At the New England Association of Math Leagues regional match on April 26, 2024, Weston High School took third place in the Medium Schools division, and Brunswick School placed first in the Small Schools division.

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