Student Rules: COVID

(For general guidance as to how online FCML matches will be run, please see here.)

Student Rules for Online FCML

  1. Calculators, notes, textbooks, and the Internet are allowed in online FCML.
  2. All answers will be positive integers. The forms will not accept answers that are not whole numbers. (Do not attempt to include units.)
  3. You are required to be with your coach on video conferencing throughout Rounds 1–6 and during the Team Round.
  4. During Rounds 1–6, you are not allowed to communicate by any means with anyone other than your coach. During the team round, you are not allowed to communicate by any means with anyone other than your coach and the other five members of your team.
  5. A-team members must be sure to submit the correct version of each round they are taking. Incorrect versions will be counted as zero. (B-team members will be given access to a single version of each round.)
  6. At 4:29 PM, your coach will send a link to a document that contains links to all the rounds, with three versions of each round for A-team students. You will then have 30 minutes to complete your assigned versions of your assigned rounds. Stop work at or before 5:00 and submit your rounds in time for them to be received by 5:00:59. Early submissions are welcome, but late submissions will be counted as zero.
  7. At 5:09PM, your coach will send the link to the Team Round. A single student must submit the Team Round form in time for it to be received by 5:20:59.
  8. Please do not submit multiple versions of your rounds. If you do, only your first submission will count.  Similarly, in the Team Round only the first submission will count, regardless of who makes this submission.