Student COVID Info

FCML matches will take place online until further notice. For each online match you will be on video conference with your coach. Online matches will begin at 4:29PM; therefore, teams should plan to join their video conferences no later than 4:15PM.

For A-team members, there will be three versions of each round; so A-team students will need to know to which rounds, and which versions, they have been assigned by their coaches. 

Shortly before the match is due to begin, your coach will receive a link, which he/she will send to you at 4:29PM. This link will take you to a Google Doc containing links to all versions of all of the individual rounds, 1 through 6. Click on the links for the three rounds and versions to which you have been assigned (for example, Round 2 Version C); these will take you to Google Forms containing the rounds. Provide positive integer answers for each question. You will have 30 minutes to complete your three rounds, and all three rounds must be submitted before the 30 minutes has elapsed. 

Calculators and the Internet are allowed throughout the match.  Make sure that you do exactly those rounds to which you have been assigned.  Any incorrect rounds and/or versions of rounds will not be counted.

The process will be the same for B-team students, except that B-team students will be given access to only a single version of each round.

After a ten-minute break, your coach will email the link for the team round to all students on the A-team. ONE student (predetermined by the coach/team) will submit the Google Form for the WHOLE team. The B-team may also take the team round, so long as the B-team is on a separate video conference from the A-team.

Shortly after the match is over, you will receive emails containing their unofficial round scores and correct answers. These scores are unofficial because they will not account for late/duplicate submissions or incorrect versions. If you wish to contest an answer, you must contact your coach before 6:30PM on the day of the match, and your coach will contact an arbiter.

For information for coaches, please see here.
For a sample of what the rounds will look like, please see here.
For student rules, please see here.