Coaches’ COVID Info

Welcome to FCML’s virtual math competition. We anticipate to continue using this format at least through December 2021.  If/when a change back to in-person matches is made, all coaches will be notified.

The online format will require you to assign each student on the A-team to three rounds as usual. However, in the online format there will be three different versions of each round, and you will need to assign a different version to each student. This information must be submitted to Michael Krupnikoff one day before the start of the meet; he will provide a Google spreadsheet on which you can enter this information.  Changes can be made up until the start of the match, but please make those on an emergency basis only. B-teams will be included in FCML’s online format, but there will be no need to submit a roster as only A-team scores will be recorded; B-teams will be given access to a single version of each round.  A- and B-team members will receive unofficial round scores when the graded forms are released soon after the match. 

Please set up video conferencing (Zoom, Google Meet, or similar) for your team so that you can proctor your students while they work on their rounds. By 4:15 PM on the day of the match, you will receive an email from Kate Smith with a link to a document that contains links to all versions of all individual rounds, 1 through 6. At 4:29 PM, please send the link to this document to your team, and then proctor this portion of the match for 30 minutes, giving warnings for 5 minutes remaining and for 1 minute remaining. Students must submit all three of their rounds by 5:00:59 PM. 

By 5:00 PM on the day of the match, you will receive an email from Kate Smith with a link to the team round. At 5:09 PM, please email the link to the team round to your A-team for the match (and your B-team, if they choose to participate). Your B-team may also take part in the Team Round, so long as the two teams are on separate video conferences. Proctor the team round for 10 minutes, giving warnings for 5 minutes remaining and 1 minute remaining. One pre-assigned student should submit the team round for the whole team by 5:20:59 PM.

Coaches will have cell numbers of a support team for any assistance they might need during the match.  Arbiters will be available by email and cell phone as well after the match. All arbitration must be completed by 6:30 PM. 


For more detailed instructions, please see the Google Document that has been shared with coaches.
For information for students, please see here.
For student rules, please see here.